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I submitted some patches to update some portfiles in DarwinPorts today. Most of the GNOME Developer’s Platform packages work with simple updates (changing only the version and the hash sum) to the portfiles.

What does not work simply:

esound there were some patches made to the esound source to make it build on Mac OS X/Darwin. With the updated esound these patches don’t work. After making new patches that do work, autoconf just blew up. I don’t have the time to figure that one out.

gtk-doc I do not understand xml catalogs at all. And when I did look at the docbook documentation, I just got a headache. Simply said, the lack of docbook catalogs on my system breaks gtk-doc.

pkgconfig Version 0.18.1 simply could not find the libraries that version 0.17.2 had no problem finding without prompting.

Also (mostly) fixed the XHTML/CSS errors in the site. Blogger code still causes a couple of XHTML errors and some code from Apple that maintained compatibility with Netscape 4 series browsers simply had to go. Might fire up that browser one of these days just to see how horrible this site looks in it.