GNOME on DarwinPorts

less than 1 minute read

I was nominated to be a commiter on the DarwinPorts project due to the number of ports that I have submitted upgrades for. Almost every port I have submitted for an upgrade has been a port from the GNOME project.

For the most part, what I do should be all-but-completely automateable. At least for packages that are distributed by the GNOME project from or one of its mirrors.

If I can simply change the port version and checksum (and sometimes its source location) and then verify that it installs and runs (mostly) correctly, I submit the patches to update the port. Otherwise I simply note that the port is out-of-date and sometimes manage to badger someone else into getting the update working.

That really is the limit of my skills.

But other DarwinPorts users have found my doing just that to be so useful that they think I should have (shudder) write access to the CVS servers maintaining the ports database.

I wonder if I should accept…