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All I want is my GNOME tools to work on Mac OS X. It would be really cool if they ran as Aqua applications, but I’ll settle for using them in Apple’s X11 environment.

Right now, unless we want to deal with forcing a Linux-centric development and desktop platform into Darwin/Mac OS X on our own, we have two options:

Both systems offer the ability to manage large suites of UNIX and LINUX software on Darwin-based systems (Mac OS X, Darwin, and OpenDarwin). Fink seems to offer the advantages of very tight package and version management, while DarwinPorts seems to offer the advantage of keeping up with more recent versions of the packages that it does carry. Fink also handles precompiled binary distributions while (for now) DarwinPorts only handles packages distributed as source code.

I used to use Fink, but about a year ago, switched to DarwinPorts when I realized that (despite what the site claims) DarwinPorts really did, and may still, have a more recent GNOME distribution.

You can kind of monitor the status of my GNOME installation.