3 OCT 05

less than 1 minute read

GNOME on Darwinports is something of a mess since the upgrade from GNOME 2.10 to 2.12. Things are just breaking all over the place. And what does not break at build time is liable to break at run time. Part of me is inclined to say that this indicates that DarwinPorts dependencies should be satisfied by requiring that the darwinports version of the required library be the version that is used.

In any event, just wanting a working up-to-date GNOME installation has got me 1. Requesting an account on OpenDarwin.org’s CVS servers so that I can get updated portfiles in faster, 2. Subscribing to some GNOME mailing lists, which unfortunately, are either too noisy or too quiet, 3. Getting Bugzilla accounts at FreeDesktop.org, GNOME.org, and AbiSource.org. 4. Wondering what can be done to get more GNOME developers working on making sure all of their work runs on an Apple platform. 5. Wondering if maybe life would simply be more pleasant if I paid the $30 for iBlog instead of insisting on using free software.