Judge Dee

1 minute read

Yesterday Judge Dee woke me by knocking things off the headboards at about 0300. It was a bit early, but she tends to do that when she wants her daily wet food (dry food is always available to her). So I got up and fed her. And its being so early, I went back to bed instead of just staying up as I sometimes do (as I did to write this). Not a half hour later she was doing it again, and not wanting her to wake Augusta, I got up again and went to sit on the couch and spend some time with Judge Dee.

So we are out on the couch and I am getting cold. When I stand to get a blanket, Judge Dee jumps and runs under the christmas tree. I sit down on the couch, wrap myself in the blanket and watch Judge Dee in the dark. Soon Judge Dee has slipped away and I have no clue where she is. So I go back to bed.

Where Judge Dee is sitting on my side looking at me as if I must be crazy to move her or go back to bed there. I don’t want her to wake Augusta by walking across her, so I just gave Judge Dee a disgusted look and went to sleep on the couch. Reports from Chrysta indicate that Judge Dee went to sleep on her not soon after.