A Weddin’

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This weekend past I attended the wedding of my wife’s step brother, one Brian by name. Augusta, my daughter participated.

She was the flower girl. Now, at 22 months of age she was intolerably cute. ‘Specially in a little dress, sniffing the Tulips she was holding, holding the hand of the 4 year-old ring bearer.

That said, the weekend was difficult. We drove way too much. Augusta was at first livid at the amount of time spent in the car, crying and maybe even throwing a tantrum everytime we got in. Then she became simply sullenly resigned to it. But she seems to have now learned that the car is not some strange torture but a means to get from one place to another, just so long as she understands what that other place or activity is.

Even so, being strapped down is no fun at all.