My Mac’s Back!

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I have been using my backup Mac Powerbook (now a 5 year old vintage) as my primary these past two weeks ever since fsck spasmed out on a bad node conflict on my primary Mac Powerbook (my 3rd computer is a cheap Dell Desktop that runs a non-networked Windows XP for my daughter’s games).

I never realized how much the Mac Powerbooks did speed up in 3 years, but I also saw at the Short Pump (Richmond VA, USA) Apple Store how much faster the Intel one are than mine. I went to the Apple Store so that I could confirm that I had only a software problem on my computer. I was afraid that maybe the hard drive was fast approaching failure.

The techs there confirmed that it was not failing and now I am watching it rebuild itself. This will be a multi-day process since I use DarwinPorts and will take the opportunity to test that not too much is broken in a new install of Gnome from Darwinports.

Sorry about not including all the links in this article.