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Things have been quiet of late. Its been more of the same-ol’, same-ol’.

I lie of course.

One of the realities of where I work is that basically I can’t discuss what I learned there. Office gossip is always okay, but even then I have to check that I am not crossing the line and causing a breach or releasing information that can’t be released. Like two weeks ago, I took a really interesting class on some of the hows and whys of my line of work, and the entire class is classified. Can’t talk about it, write about it, and probably should not even think about it in unclassified environments.

That said, I have been working on driving a php-based website with data that is maintained using a Microsoft SharePoint Server. I have a generic PHP class that is used to gather data, but it remains somewhat incomplete, and I can’t test it at home.

On the MacPorts side of things, I had been working on getting gnucash running in MacPorts, and then someone else got it working first. I ended up making his package a little more usable and committing his work to the CVS servers.