Riding to the Park

1 minute read

This afternoon Augusta and I rode Chrysta’s bicycle to McIntire Park. I rode Chrysta’s bike since the rear inner tube on mine had a leak at the valve, meaning that I have to replace the inner tube and can’t just patch it. Augusta rode in the little German child seat that can be remounted on the bike or moved from bike-to-bike in, like, no time flat.

The route I took, since Chrysta’s bike is unfamiliar, was a slower route down narrow side streets. It seems that the really choice properties in Charlottesville are all in this one neighborhood north of the University of Virginia, and are not on the main roads, but are down these side streets that sometimes seem to be mere alleys.

Once we got to the park, Augusta was, as is natural for a child her age, all over the playground. A girl there by the name of Tiara played with her, and Augusta allowed her to pick her up. Which of course meant that every girl Tiara’s age needed to ether be allowed to hold Augusta (she wouldn’t allow any but Tiara to hold her) or find some other small child they could hold. (Not happening either.)

Augusta did a lot of climbing up this one curved ladder that required that she somehow master turning around the ladder half-way up it. She is getting good at this although it is scary for me. She also at one point demanded that I climb the ladder, and I almost got stuck. I’m simply too large for the equipment.