MacPorts / GNOME Weekly Report

less than 1 minute read

This week I began porting the GNOME desktop to version 2.16.0

I have been mostly porting libraries, not applications, so until I get the entire set in sync, it is possible that some applications will either fail to build or crash until the entire set is in sync.

Port dbus has been reverted back to version 0.61 from 0.92 since dbus-glib can not build until some fundamental fixes are in on the dbus 0.9x ports. I have filed bugs with the upstream maintainer against this.

I thought that maybe I would have more to report, but it seems that perhaps I should hold off until next week, by which time, I hope to be more comfortable with the Trac ticket system that has replaced Bugzilla on the MacPorts project.

Many things aren’t working on my system due to the ongoing recovery from upgrading the gettext port and accidentally ripping out the older versions of that library.

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