MacPorts / GNOME Weekly Report

1 minute read

GNOME has sound! (Actually ever since we ported gstreamer version 0.10.0+, GNOME has had working sound if the esd output was selected in the GNOME Preferences.) This weekend I ported gnome-audio. Although it has no dependencies, and nothing depends on it except the gnome-desktop-suite metaport, it does provide a default set of sounds for the GNOME desktop.

A significant portion of the GNOME desktop is now at the version 2.16.0 specifications, although there are a couple of ports, such as gnome-applets, that just refuse to upgrade from 2.12/2.14 versions. I’m sure they can be made to at least build, but I haven’t figured out how yet.

There a couple of GNOME Tasks that when completed, or possibly just partially completed, will improve the quality and maintainability of the GNOME ports. I am still adding tasks as I think of them and as I think of how to write them.

I have a port status table that lists all the ports in the GNOME desktop. If anyone wants to have a go at porting a package that is not ported, or at updating the outdated ports, please do so, file a ticket with the port attached and assign it to Please note that if a port is listed as Broken and the port can not be found, it means that I have started working on the port, but have not yet gotten it to build or run well enough to release it to the rest of the MacPorts community.

Report 4