Little Black Bridge

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Little Black Bridge


Today I made a bridge for my daughter Augusta’s Brio Train. It took about 90 minutes including finding the right box in the recycling bin and drying time.

The bridge is made from a small thin paperboard box that is was a little wider than the Brio tracks on its wide side, slightly shorter than the mid-length (about 6 inches) Brio straight track, and blackened with a large Sharpie marker, then glued and cut to fit.

The ends of the box are folded back to make the openning of the bridge the width of the track and to give me space to glue the wings that hold the sides of the bridge upright. The wings are cut from the paperboard insert to some other box also in the bin.

Last week Augusta and I had made the paper stream that the bridge is sitting on (they are not attached together). The pictures were all taken soon after I finished the bridge, but while Augusta was at a friends house.