Bug Buddy works

less than 1 minute read

The GNOME bug reporting tool, Bug Buddy works well. Maybe even too well.

I submitted a crash report to GNOME that had been submitted by a user to the MacPorts bug database that I could not figure out. My bug report was quickly closed, marked as a duplicate of another bug.

You can see from the bug reports that this bug is a bug that should be handled by the distributors (MacPorts) of the software, not the developers. Unfortunately, I can find no sign that the bug reporter ever attempted to discuss the problem with the distributors.

So bug-buddy works and works well to gather bug reports and to (hopefully) improve the software, but it also means that the software distributor may never see a bug that it could easily fix by changing the linking flags for that bug.

Ah well, at least someone was able to point me to this report so that I could act on it…