Going to Kansas City

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Trip Photos This month, we took a family vacation to Kansas City to visit my father-in-law, Hutch, his youngest son, Sam, and his mother-in-law, Kim (Dea, his wife passed away from Cancer a few years ago). We travelled by train, with layovers in Washington and Chicago. There were many photo opportunities, but for the most part, we failed to use the camera by:

  1. Forgetting that we had it. There were a couple of days that had we not left the camera at Hutch’s, we could have taken a number of photos to send to grandparents and the like.
  2. Bringing the small flash card. We have two flash cards: the 32MB card that came with the camera and a 512MB card that we bought later. Guess which one travelled with us. This meant that on those days that we did have the camera with us, it generally ran out of memory.
  3. Not really knowing how to use it. Both Chrysta and I managed to take a number of pictures that are not focused, probably because we are not experienced enough with the camera. The photo album is not yet complete, and I will be writing more about the trip in detail later.