Inbox Control

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I have been using the Inbox 0 system to manage my email at work for a couple of months. It’s working out mostly, as I find that I sometimes let my Inbox grow again before cleaning it up, and I still have not gone completely though the DMZ folder to determine what needs to be archived and what doesn’t.

Prior to using Inbox 0 to manage the inbox, I had been using search filters to control my email, but still found that it wasn’t working to well. When I received I forget what version of Mac OS X with really good search engines in the email, and then later got a Gmail account, I began to use search folders, and it worked for a while, until the sheer volume of email overwhelmed it.

Also this never worked at work, since neither Outlook (2003) nor Evolution seem to be good at filtering email or searching through inboxes, in my experience.