San Diego

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I fell in love with San Diego and California and Los Angeles all over again and again and again while on a business trip out to San Diego. First I fell in love with San Diego driving up the 163 towards Escondido from downtown, where I was staying in admittedly one of the cheaper feeling hotels I’ve been in and definitely the cheapest feeling Hampton Inn I’ve been in.

163 starts in downtown, on the wrong side of a hill from the coast and immediately dives through a narrow valley crossed by high bridges and I fell in love that morning and that evening I walked through the residential area between downtown and the airport and fell in love again.

Unfortunately, I was mostly reclusive, up too early on the phone with the home office, driving to the work site just after sun up and leaving the work site at sun down and did not enjoy the place–what the Hell’s the point of visiting paradise if your going to be stuck indoors without windows all day. I made a wrong turn onto the 805 and fell in love again when it cut through a hill and then was suddenly soaring above a built-up valley in the early evening and was then back into the hills.

My brother, Chandler, lives in Los Angeles and I drove up to LA to see him, and on the I-5 the drive was lovely until I crested some hill (I don’t recall where) and saw looming ahead, the smog of LA.

Note: for some reason this sat as a draft for almost a year, and I forget what I wanted to write when I began writing it, so here it is.